Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over fifty books, including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld and Angels of. Title: Intertwined. Author: Gena Showalter. Genre: YA (Fantasy). Publisher: Harlequin Teen Publishing Date: September 1, Hardcover. The complete series list for – Intertwined Gena Showalter. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and.

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And I read it and Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead in 1 day, so about pages in 1 day because I’m insane like that and wanted to read both at 1 time, and since there was only 1 of me, I had to read gema quickly: And then she meets this weird black wolf with green eyes that follows her around all the time, to and from school every day. Good effort, I think this one will become pretty popular in the future.

I swear, I felt like I should be picking intertwibed thing up in a wad of toilet paper and flushing it down the toilet, then going and yelling at Okay, you’ve seen my one-star rating, and now showapter the point in time in which you would expect to read a brief summary before getting to my review.

Readers looking for equally emotionally tortured paranormal romances will no doubt find their way to this new line. It’s unpredictability kept me on edge.

And he wonders if Mary Ann can somehow help with that, since she can quiet the souls for some strange genq. It was not I was expecting! Gena once again blew my mind, she’s the best.

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There are more versions? I hope to God she doesn’t waste her time on it, like I was unfortunate enough to do. But your best option is buying it online. One can time travel. It had just WAY too much going on. This would have been fine, if she or Riley, or anyone had been interested in getting to the bottom of what was going on with her. My heart broke for her and Riley in this book, it really did. That I was not expecting!

Intertwined Series in Order – Gena Showalter – FictionDB

When Aden meets Mary Ann Gray his voices disappear. Showalter knows how to keep you glued to the page! I inntertwined know if you can find in in stores in the States. I would have thought that Ms. His four housemates seemed to be the only ones with the bags of tricks. When fairies, goblins and witches started to make appearances, I was a bit unsure where it would go. This is book is honestly amazing. I did write over seven pages worth of notes on the subject.

I seriously was uptight the inteertwined book, and the ending was amazing!

From the very beginning — when one of the four souls living intretwined Aden accidentally raises a cemetery — you know you’re in for a totally awesome ride. A person who only survives by sucking the life force of magical beings. However, it did get a little interesting, for a little bit.

I was close though. The romance aspect is set to be another clusterfuck for me, so I’m not bothering to keep reading. They are always seeming to cause Aden problems, headache and heartache.



These souls inyertwined time-travel, raise the dead, possess another’s mind and, his least favorite these days, tell the future. Every chapter, something new would be discovered and I would gasp over and over again.

He also meets a vampire princess and her wolf guardian. Now the romance between the characters was even worse. The Voices Aden hears are actually the best part and I look forward to going back to Book 1 to get a better intro of them. While it started with a pretty cool scene, it took the female lead aka, male’s lead love interest to appear to ruin everything.

This book was a jumble of stories, I think many would make an interesting book, just not all in one.

Intertwined Series

Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him: Teenagers can tell the difference between an author who knows the teen voice and an author who typically writes for adults and is just trying to make his or her way into the YA genre.

Aden has so much to go through in intertwwined book. I like that Aden has to speak out loud to them. I am already missing Crossroads and its crazy supernatural pull. Where are all of these disconnected and emotionally distant events leading up to?

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