The Halti head collar is designed to help prevent your dog from pulling while walking. It’s a training Always read the instructions that come with the head collar. Designed by Dr. Roger. Mugford, the Halti. Harness has a unique patented front attachment system that controls the dog from his chest and shoulders; an. Step by step guide to fitting a Gentle LeaderĀ® You can use this page to learn how to fit the Gentle LeaderĀ®. Alternatively click on the link below to download a.

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Some may even use choke chains or pinch collars to exert their authority over their pet.

How to use a Halti head collar; easy ways for success – Practical Paw | The Dog Lovers Toolkit

One of the most common mistakes that people make when using a head collar is to hold the lead tight. If at any point the dog starts to pull, put the HALTI back on and continue the training as previously described. Instuctions your lead frequently throughout the day without actually taking your dog for a walk.

As the strap runs around the muzzle, a Halti that is too large or loose can result in rubbing near the eyes Some dogs become subdued or passive while wearing a Halti There is a small risk that if your dog pulls sharply to the end of the insstructions, they will strain their neck. Dogs pull because it instrucgions a successful behaviour; quite simply they get to where they want to go more quickly.

Many head collars also come with a video or DVD that provide training tips of how to use the collar correctly. Unfortunately these extreme methods, whilst instrucyions successful come at a price, it does not take a genius to work out that if you constantly subject the dog’s throat to severe pressure and ‘whiplash’ style movements, injuries occur.

This may take several days or even weeks depending on your dog. A well-fitted head collar is a great training instructiohs, but it is just that, an aid.

How to fit the gentle leader | Gentle Leader

Not only that but if you are on the small side and your dog is large you will have very little control if your dog decides they want to investigate something. Your dog wants to move forward, a short tug backwards frequently just serves to speed your dog up once they get going again. Not instructione is lead pulling uncomfortable insttuctions you but it is also uncomfortable for your dog.


If in doubt visit your nearest stockist and get them to help fit one on your dog. Following up with a gentle pressure on the collar should give you additional ‘braking’ power.

We recommend the HALTI Training Lead for best results as it has been specifically designed with light weight clip and adjustable length. Once you are able to successfully walk your dog on the collar alone with the HALTI still fittedit is time to try without the Halti at all.

Think of it a little like wearing a pair of glasses for the first time. In that, by pulling, your dog gets to where it wants to go faster. When a dog pulls on the lead, the normal response from most owners is to tighten the lead and pull back against the dog engaging in a tug of war competition. What is a Halti head collar? Which means that you can gently steer them in the direction that you want to go.

You tend to look at the bridge of your nose rather than through the lenses. So be patient with your dog. You still need to teach your dog how to walk nicely. Encouraging your dog to walk on and rewarding them when they do so is the best way to stop it until your dog gets used to wearing it.

No matter how many times you may pull your dog back or are tempted to yank the lead it is very unlikely to prevent further pulling. Briefly hesitate in your own forward movement as you do this, to teach your dog that pulling actually slows down the walk rather than increasing it.

A Halti head collar works in a similar way to the head collars used on horses. Assume your original forward speed as soon as the lead becomes slack. Why use a Halti head collar? The feeling of something on our nose can also be distracting. This is a great video to that explains the best way to get your dog accustomed to a head collar, in hati case, a gentle leader. Continue with the training as above until your dog is walking calmly on a consistently slack lead on walks.

How to use a Halti head collar; easy ways for success

However, there are some general rules that apply to all head collars that may make the experience easier for both you and your dog. You should remain calm and show little reaction at all times.


Never jerk or yank the collar Praise and treat your dog frequently Start in a low distraction environment and gradually build up to more challenging places Do I need a Halti head collar? Using both hands, take up your lead to a comfortable length so that it is short enough to control your dog without being tight.

Dogs who are trained to accept new or different situations or equipment will learn much faster. If you are introducing your dog to a head collar for the first time, make it a rewarding experience for your dog. Gradually extend the training to more situations so that your dog learns to walk calmly in any environment. Teach your dog to leave the house calmly; If your dog is very reactive at the presentation of the lead, then you need to desensitise him to this, before you attempt to leave the house if you cannot even walk out of the door without your dog pulling, you have little chance of controlling him around more exciting stimuli!

Approach again and pick up the lead, if he remains calm then you can proceed towards the door, if he becomes excitable at any stage and starts to pull forward, simply drop the lead and walk away and ignore him until he is calm.

How to get your dog used to a head collar If you are introducing your dog to a head collar for the first time, make it a rewarding experience for your dog. If you are one of the many people, that struggles when walking your dog on a regular lead or harness you may already have considered trying a head collar.

You should always have the HALTI with you so that you can refit it at any time the dog reverts to pulling. However as with all training material, when used correctly the Halti head collar is safe. Teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead will take time and patience but is well worth the effort, not only will it be more comfortable for you but it will also make walks more pleasurable for your dog.

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