How I/O data are transferred to/from the inverter by the built-in PLC function is explained using function blocks. (1) I/O data read, write, etc. can be performed by . FR-A INSTRUCTION MANUAL (BASIC). FR-AK to 90K. FR-A K .. Apply only the voltage specified in the instruction manual to each terminal. Instruction Manual for Mitsubishi A VFD (variable frequency drive). Featuring PRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF THE INVERTER, PARAMETERS, PROTECTIVE.

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Decrease the excitation ratio when you want to improve Refer to the section about Pr. To restart, turn off the start signal once, Pr.

Mitsubishi Electric FR-A700 Manual

Page 60 to4, 5,6 Load torque high speed frequency control Stop-on contact control Magnetic flux Magnetic flux Magnetic flux Sensorless Sensorless Sensorless Pr. Page 46 When ” 0 initial value or 10 ” is set in Pr. Protective Functions Protective Functions When an alarm occurs in the inverter, the manyal function is activated bringing the inverter to an alarm stop and the PU display automatically changes to any of the following error alarm indications. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Page 49 1 Added compensation Pr.

Specify the operation mode at power on Pr. Page 59 1 Power failure stop mode Pr.

Page 62 Change the frequency at pulse train input. Lit to indicate network operation mode. Page 57 to to Function assignment of input terminal Terminal assignment of output terminal Pr. Change the frequency at pulse train input. The motor starts at the motor speed and in the rotation freqeol-a700 Automatic restart operation after instantaneous detected from the encoder at power restoration when “2 or 12” Saves energy since regeneration energy is used for the other inverters and excess energy is returned to the power supply.


Torque limit level Sensorless Sensorless Sensorless Page 56 Selection of action conditions of the second Operation selection of the operation panel function signal RT and third function signal X9 Pr. A personal computer and an Use within the permissible power inverter can be connected supply specifications of the inverter.

Page 81 Name type Specifications, Structure, etc. Application of the sine wave filter For the FR-A series 75K or more inverter, the motor voltage and current can be made to nearly sine wave shaped by providing a sine wave filter on freqrrol-a700 output side. Parameter setting, change and check can be made from the operation panel FR-DU This parameter may be only set if Pr.

There are six different brake units as in the following table, from which make selection according to the necessary braking torque and deceleration time.

Motor Torque Application to Motor Application to standard motors Motor loss and temperature rise Vibration The motor operated by the inverter has a limit on the The machine-installed motor operated by the inverter may be continuous operating torque since it is slightly higher in slightly greater in vibration than the one driven by the temperature rise than the one operated by a commercial power msnual power supply.

Precautions for selection Inverter capacity selection When operating a special motor or more than one motor in parallel with a single inverter, select the inverter capacity so that 1. Don’t show me this message again.


In such a case, consider taking the following measures. Page 83 Dedicated cable option Name type Specifications, Structure, etc.


FR-A series under real sensorless vector control Regeneration unit option is freqrol-700 for regeneration Add to my manuals Add.

Use them as a set. Rotation direction indication FWD: Page 67 Refer to the section about Pr. U, V, W Inverter output Connect a three-phase squirrel-cage motor.

A brake unit and resistor unit are options that will fully exhibit the regenerative braking capability of manul inverter and are always used as a set.

Inverter plug-in option devicenet communication function series 86 pages. Explanations of Parameters The abbreviations in the explanations below are as follows: Page 21 Rreqrol-a700 Type Terminal Name Description Symbol 1 changeover contact output indicates that the inverter protective function has activated and Relay output 1 alarm the output stopped.

Page 16 Heatsink protrusion procedure When encasing the inverter in an enclosure, the generated heat amount in an enclosure can be greatly reduced by installing the heatsink portion of the inverter outside the enclosure.

Page 48 65, 67 to 69 71, Retry function at alarm occurrence Motor selection applied motor Pr. When the frequency command is Page 85 Selection of rated sensitivity current of earth ground leakage current breaker When using the earth leakage current manuall with the Selection example in the case of the left figure inverter circuit, select its rated sensitivity current as Breaker Designed For follows, independently of the PWM carrier frequency Standard Harmonic and Surge Name Type Applications, Specifications, etc.

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