In his review of my book, American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World [NYR, June 24], J. H. Elliott does not take issue. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Stannard, David E. American holocaust: Columbus and the conquest of the. New World I David E. Stannard. David Stannard’s “American Holocaust”, aptly published during the ahistorical hoo-hah that marked the th year since Columbus “discovered” the Americas, .

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Stannard begins with a portrait of the enormous richness and diversity of life in the Americas prior to Columbus’s fateful voyage in For this, the author added an epilogue to the book that reviews recent US attitude towards others, especially Muslims, which are either US citizens or from ‘shithole’ countries.

The definitive review of what really occurred in the Americas before and after Columbus set sail. holocausy

American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World by David E. Stannard | LibraryThing

Forcing holocauet natives to hunt for gold and cutting off their hands if they returned with any. The second part is a shocking narration of the grizzly acts committed by the Spanish and the British.

Before Columbus Chapter 1 Stannard opens his first chapter with an account of the cities of the Aztec empire before their conquest by Cortez. After a brief discussion of Berengia and atannard assumed origins of native populations in this hemisphere, he gives a stsnnard to the diversity of native peoples and then turns his ire against Oscar Handlin and Bernard Bailyn for their ethnocentrism.

Stannard is the longtime partner of writer Haunani-Kay Trask.

He responded to much of it in a lengthy essay entitled “Uniqueness as Denial: He is particularly known for his book American Holocaust Oxford University Press, in which he argues that the genocide against the Native American population was the largest genocide in history. The conquistadors themselves marveled at the feats of holocqust performed by the natives, their cleanliness and the health of the population. I had no idea that disease wiped out so much of the native American population before Jamestown was settled and the Pilgrims arrived.

David Stannard

Even when we did have an idea of the magnitude of destruction that took place, teachers minimized the grandeur of places like Tenochtitlan. Next he recounts Cortez’s conquest of the Aztec’s city of Tenochtitlan. Before the Horror has focused on Hawaii and the Pacific.


He argues that with more than million people the Americas were not the unpopulated open spaces so often described and notes the squalor and disease that dominated Amerkcan in contrast to the relative peace and harmony that prevailed in the New World. Survivors were made into slaves and the city was burned and all the gold looted. To ask other readers questions about American Holocaustplease sign up.

By focusing on the ravages of European diseases, americqn blame is taken off of the perpetrators of this horrible crime. The Conquest of holocasut New World. Tons of references and some lithographs of the conquerers in action.

But stannnard this point, one can either shell up and hate the world, or take the newfound knowledge and move forward in a positive manner, aiming to educate others and get them “woke”. In the case of the former, the genocide was protracted, unorganized, and primitive, but the result was similar to that of the Jewish Holocaust, which was carefully executed over a shorter period with more modern killing machines.

Bolocaust, American Indian Quarterly. If there are two major flaws that I think this book has they are: This book is difficult to review. Academic Skip to main content. Army’s massacre of Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee in the s–the indigenous inhabitants of North and South America endured an unending firestorm of violence.

American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World

The authors reviews -in part 3- the European culture which was intertwined with Christianity and arrives to the conclusion that Christianity, by motivating self-hatred that begets hatred of everything that is not Christian, is the main responsible of the massacres committed by the European, not only in the Americas, but also in Africa and Asia and even inside Europe itself.

What kind of people, he asks, do such horrendous things to others? When combined with their massive greed, the belief that the peoples of these regions were savages lead the explorers to commit atrocities of gargantuan proportions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some were enslaved to work as beasts of burden as the Spaniards pushed into the Amazon in search of the gold of Eldorado, while others were forced to labor in the Andean silver mines.


Overall “American Holocaust” is a remarkable achievement; it’s well researched, well written and with particular regard to the third part, well argued. Heady, heavy, eye-opening stuff.

American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World – David E. Stannard – Google Books

His previous books include Death in America, Shrinking History: Books by David E. He served in the armed forces and worked in the publishing industry between and What kind of people, he asks, do such horrendous things to others?

The same pattern of behavior was repeated throughout Mesoamerica. Preview — American Holocaust by David E.

A must read for anyone educated in this garbage country. Stannard reveals holocwust wherever Europeans or white Americans went, the native people were caught between imported plagues and barbarous atrocities, typically resulting in the annihilation of 95 percent of their populations.

The final part looks into what it was, within European culture, religion and institutions that allowed, condoned, celebrated and facilitated this genocide; comparison is also made with davdi genocides, davdi its hardly a suprise to learn that Hitler was an admirer of what the British and subsequently the United States achieved vis-a-vis the Native Americans, and referred to Jews, Slavs and others he was slaughtering on a industrial scale at industrial speed as “Red Indians”.

This was the “Trail of Tears” which Stannard refers to as a “death march.

In his Prologue, Stannard points out that ever since the Columbian land fall, there has been a prevailing blissful ignorance of the genocidal extermination of Indian peoples in America. He also mentions some genocidal attitudes of American yolocaust during the first Iraq war.

Army’s massacre of Sioux Indians from the first Spanish assaults against the Arawak people of Hispaniola in the

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